Pirate Queen is a swashbuckling poem all ages will enjoy. This tale of female empowerment is on its way to becoming a full-fledged, hold-in-your-hand children's book. Pre-order and kickstarter information on the horizon.  


Pirate Queen

Yarrr... Ho Ho Yo Jo,  sings the Pirate Queen
She's a sight to behold, but oh boy is she mean

Look at her funny, you're walkin' the plank
Do something wrong, your ship's good as sank

With piercing black eyes she reigns over her men

Swab the deck
Sheen yer shoes
The hull needs a mend

The scurvy crew obeys her steel-iron stare
They do as they're told without one backwards glare

Every man must have his buckles shiny and swashed
beards neatly trimmed, clothing tucked in and washed

Day after day she hunts for buried treasure
Her crew never rests – no matter the weather

As the wind's angry wrath pulls and tips the ship
and waves cause the crew to stumble and trip

she keeps her eyes out for that faraway island
X marks the spot where the treasure is hidin'

And once the gold is safely stowed away
a great feast is held with songs, dance and play

But just for one day

Alright that's enough, the Pirate Queen shouts
It's time to raise anchor, hoist sail, move out

Without mumble or grumble the men do as they're told
for not a one of them wants to be thrown overboard

A new course is set, and they sail toward the horizon
The ship moves so swiftly no enemies can find 'em

Yarrr... Ho Ho Yo Jo, sings the Pirate Queen
The greatest captain this world's ever seen