A bumblebee finds more than just a place to stay when she asks a foxglove flower for refuge from the elements. The pair become fast, fortunate friends, playing all summer long until seasonal winds tell them it's time to say goodbye.

Fortunate friends will be available in print and ebook soon!


fortunate friends

A bumblebee buzzed by a foxglove one day
and asked if she might come in to stay.

To drink its sweet nectar and sleep in its petals.
“I've lost my hive and my friends. I have no place to settle.”

The foxglove said yes and invited her in,
but just as it did, there roared a great wind.

It blew hard and strong and the bumblebee fought.
Oh no not now... the bumblebee thought. 

Her tiny wings fluttered as fast as they might.
It took all her effortto just stay in flight.

The foxglove was strong and quick to react.
It threw out a vine for her to grab at.

“I've got you!” it shouted over the wind's blustery blow.
The bee's flailing legs reached and caught hold.

The flower curled and reeled 'till the bee was inside.
“Thank you so much!” the bumblebee cried. 

Soon day turned to night and the summer rolled on.
The bee and the foxgloves' friendship grew strong.  

They swayed in the breeze and soaked in the sun.
They played every day 'till summer was done.

“It's time,” the foxglove said," as dew dripped from its bloom.
“I have to leave now, but I'll come back in June.”

The bumblebee's wings wilted in woe.
“I love you,” the bee said. “I thought you should know.”

Just then a cool breath came from fall's gusty mouth.
The bumblebee knew her time had run out.

"You must go," cried the foxglove, "or I may fall apart.
If not first my petals, then surely my heart."

The bee sadly nodded and turned toward the sky,
"You'll be with me, my friend, wherever I fly."